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       Pricelist 2013 


Pricelist 2013
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Antibodies, Cytokines, ELISA, Cell Culture Equipment, Cell Biological tools,   Apoptosis   Assay Kits, Plant Biology, Enzymes, Western blot Equipment, Flow   Cytometry Products,   Immunoassays, Tissue array Slides, Real-Time PCr Mixes,   RNAi Libraries, Laboratory   Equipment, Centrifuges, Consumables, Oxidative   stress assays, Electrophoresis devices, PCR   kits and polymerases, pipettes and tips.

NIPP1- a specific inhibitor for PP1

specific inhibitors of PP1




        ·   Barrier Tip Festival

     sizes :10µl, 20µl, 100µl, 200µl

                1 box for 59

         10 boxes for 480


     ·   Electrophoresis systems

Horizontal Electrophoresis
Vertical Electrophoresis
Gel documentation


more electrophoresis sytems...

       ·   Brady printer


Compact desktop printer which provides high quality thermal transfer printing at a low cost.
Ideal for label, tapes, cable markers, sleeves..


  LAB PAL™ Label Printer
Portable, easy-to-use and makes identifying your samples quicker and more efficient.

       ·   Low Temperature freezers

Our range of low temperature freezers goes from -45°C to -85°C.

ü  One or Two Compressors

ü  Less Place Required

ü  Low Price

Our hottest products on the market:

AlbuVoid - Albumin Depletion Plus Low Abundance Serum Protein Enrichment

AlbuSorb Albumin Depletion Kit

NuGel Poly-NHS

HemoVoid - Hemoglobin Depletion From Erythrocytes

HemogloBind Hemoglobin Depletion From Hemolyzed Serum/Plasma

ELISA Top Instruments:

ELISA Plate Washer - Micro Plate Wash

ELISA Plate Shaker - Micro Shake

ELISA Plate Analyser - Micro Plate Read


You can visit us without notice every working day from 8:00 until 19:00.

Research is located in:
Voortstraat 49,
1910 Kampenhout, Belgium.

•  We offer 100 of different brochures for your projects.
•  You can discuss your custom projects.
•  Show us your results for technical support.
•  We will help you choose your products - You can take them to your lab the same day!
•  We have a lot of free samples available to test.
•  If you have ideas for new products we are interested in discussing distribution conditions.

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