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GenomONE - Neo EX HVJ

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CAb EX Antibody Delivery Reagent.

Background:Delivery of anti-α-tubulin antibody into HS68 cells

Because antibodies cannot enter cells, past experiments using antibodies focused primarily on extracellular molecules.If target molecules in living cells can be exposed to antibodies, it will be possible to pursue new dimensions of research related to cell function analysis, exploration of target molecules for disease diagnosis and treatment, and so on. GenomONE-CAb Antibody Delivery Reagent is a next-generation tool for antibody introduction into cells which can meet such needs.With this kit, antibody can be incorporated into the HVJ Envelope (HVJ-E), a transfection tool making use of the membrane fusing ability of inactivated Sendai virus (HVJ: Hemagglutinating Virus of Japan). If cells are treated with HVJ-E including antibody, it will be possible to achieve efficient introduction of IgG antibodies into the cytoplasm. This kit provides a totally new methodology for experiments, overcoming the difficulties involved in experiments using conventional lipid-based reagents by which antibodies are introduced into cells by means of endocytosis.


What is HVJ Envelope(HVJ-E)?
With this system, the IgG antibody incorporation enhancer, which was developed by our company, improves the efficiency of inclusion of IgG molecules into HVJ-E markedly compared to the existing HVJ-E vectors (GenomONE, GenomONE-Neo ) marketed in 2002. Thanks to this feature, this system allows efficient introduction of IgG molecules into the cytoplasm.


Analysis of intracellular function

  • An antibody is introduced into living cells to examine the distribution of the target molecule within them
  • An antibody is introduced into living cells to suppress and clarify the function of target molecules
  • Live cell imaging is performed

Screening of antibodies reacting to intracellular antigens

  • Antibodies binding to intact antigens in living cells and showing neutralization activity are screened for

Application to testing, diagnosis, and treatment

  • New agents for testing and diagnosis are developed using antibodies capable of detecting target molecules in living cells
  • Next-generation antibody-based drugs are created, which exert therapeutic effects through acting on intracellular target molecules

Advantages of intracellular antibody introduction (differences from existing knockout method)

  • Unlike post-transcriptional gene silencing (RNAi method, etc.), this method is expected to achieve specific inhibition by recognizing protein-protein interactions or post-translational modifications (addition of sugar chains, etc.)
  • Nonspecific reactions (off-target effects of RNAi method, etc.) are unlikely to occur
  • Unlike gene transfer and expression methods, introduction of antibody in amounts sufficient to exert efficacy can be achieved rapidly and simply, and this method is applicable to a wider range of types of experiments


Hs68 cells(anti-NPC antibody)observed by confocal laser scanning microscopy

Kit component:

GenomONE™ - CAb ex Kit Contents AB001EX AB004EX
Freeze-dried HVJ-E 0.26 ml 1 vial 4 vials
reagent I 0.26 ml 1 vial 4 vials
reagent II 0.3 ml 1 vial 1 vial
reagent III 1.0 ml 1 vial 4 vials
Buffer 6.5 ml 1 vial 1 vial
Freeze-dried HVJ-E and Reagent I: Moisture can reduce the activities.
Refrigerated at 4-8°C, sealed in an aluminum package. Keep dry.
Reagent II, III and Buffer : Refrigerated at 4-8°C.
Reconstituted HVJ-E and Reagent I:

“HVJ-E suspension”
Requires refrigerated storage (4-8°C) and should be used within 2 weeks. Since thawing of frozen suspension can reduce activity, the suspension should not be stored frozen.

“Reagent I solution”
For continuous use, store in a refrigerator (4-8°C) for up to 2 weeks. For extended storage, freeze in working aliquots at -80°C for up to 3 months. Thawing after freezing is possible only once.


GenomONETMCAb EX 1 vial Antibody Delivery Reagents ISK-AB001EX 1 SET €293
GenomONETMCAb EX 4 vial Antibody Delivery Reagents ISK-AB004EX 1 SET €693


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