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AteloGene™ Local or Systemic Use


This product is a kit for delivering siRNA into animal tissues by local or systemic administration in mice and then efficiently introducing it into the cells.

RNA interference (RNAi) is a mechanism in which fragments of double-strand ribonucleic acid (dsRNA) interfere with the expression of a specific gene whose sequence is complementary to the dsRNA. Recently, RNAi medicines, that inhibit the expression of genes responsible for diseases, have been studied actively. However, the delivery of siRNA in vivo had become a big issue because siRNA is unstable in vivo

KOKEN(Tokyo) developed a new siRNA delivery system, “AteloGene™”. This system is mediated by atelocollagen that is a solubilized collagen obtained by protease treatment, and transfects siRNA in vivo efficiently and safety with each local administration and systemic administration.

Industrial property rights:

Concerning the technique of introducing the nucleic acid component using this kit and collagen, Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. and KOKEN Co., Ltd. has either obtained the patent or the patent is under application (PCT/JP02/06137) in Japan and various countries abroad. The usage of this product is limited to application (PCT/JP02/06137) in Japan and various countries abroad. The usage of this product is limited to tests and researches. Other usage of this product may infringe the patent. Please pay attention in this regard.


When mixed with synthetic siRNA at an appropriate concentration and ratio, atelocollagen, which is a major component of “AteloGene™” forms a complex appropriate for administration into the body. siRNA that is prepared into a complex with atelocollagen is efficiently delivered in vivo and introduced into the cells.

Features and Advantages:

> Immediate administration to experimental animals by simple mixing the synthetic siRNA with “AteloGene™”.
> Efficient in vivo transfection of siRNA.
> The effect of RNAi of preventing degradation by RNase persists for a long time.
>“AteloGene™” has no toxicity, and its main component is atelocollagen that demonstrates high biological compatibility.
> It is possible to choose “AteloGene™ Local Use” for local administration or “AteloGene™ Systemic Use” for systemic administration by injection to the tail vein
> Since “AteloGene™ Local Use” for local administration is gelated in the body, siRNA is securely kept at the administration site
> Since “AteloGene™ Systemic Use ” for systemic administration is not gelated in the body but circulated in the blood after injection into the tail vein, siRNA is efficiently delivered to the whole body


Mechanism of siRNA transfection using “ AteloGene™ Mechanism.

1. RNA polymerase II transcribes genomic DNA with mRNA.

2. RISC forms a complex with dsRNA.

Kit component:

Contents of kit
This kit is intended for 10 times of administration.

- Prefilled syringe (filled with “AteloGene™
Each syringe is for 5 times of administration.
600 µL × 2 syringes
- 10 × siRNA buffer: 3 mL × 1 bottle
- Sterilized water: 3 mL × 1 bottle
- Microtube: 2.0 mL × 2 tubes
- Disposable syringe: 1 mL × 2 syringes
- 18G needle for ejection and suction: 4 needles
- 26G injection needle: 2 needles
- Instruction manual: 1 leaflet

Devices and reagents required other than the kit

- siRNA (PAGE or HPLC purified grade is recommended. Never fail to use siRNA preserved in water or in desalted and lyophilized condition.)
- Container for preparation of siRNA (sterilized, RNase free)
- Cooling device (crushed ice, cold block, etc.)
- Rotator (that can tumble and agitate. TAITEC RT-5, EYELA MBS-1A, etc.)
- Pipetter and tips (sterilized, RNase free)
- High-speed refrigerated centrifuge
- Anesthetic (as required)
- Mouse holder (as required)
- Cotton swab immersed in ethanol

Storage temperature: 2-10°C(do not freeze)
Effective period: 5 years from the manufacturing date indicated on the box
Precautions for storage

- Gelation and thermal denature occur in “AteloGene™” at a temperature higher than 20°C. Never use “AteloGene™” that was once gelated or thermally denatured.
- Freezing “AteloGene™” causes bubbles in the mixture and the dispersion of components. Never use “AteloGene™” that was once frozen.

Precautions for use


This product is a reagent for research use only. Its application to the human body is strictly prohibited. Do not use it for any purposes other than for research purposes.


Be sure to read the instruction manual before use. The manufacturer is not liable for the results of usage by methods other than that described in the instruction manual. Depending on the type of siRNA, administration target or administration method, the expected effect may not always be obtained.



AteloGeneTM Local Use KOU-1392 1 KIT €562
AteloGeneTM Systemic Use KOU-1393 1 KIT €562


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